Permanent Placement
Hire Up to 80% Faster Than Your Competitors

Hiring a permanent employee for your team is an involved process. We know that by the time you need to hire, you are already short on time. Our full cycle direct hire solution includes job description development, posting, comprehensive recruiting, screening, pre-vetting and initial interview setup. All you need to do is choose the best person for your team.

Hire The Best Without The Headaches
Top talent is in high demand. Our multi-faceted approach to search ensures that you have access to the best candidates available on the market right now. Our multi-faceted search strategy, allows us to deliver passive as well as active candidates across all or our target industries.

On average, our clients are able to onboard talent up to 80% faster than average national time-to-hire.

We’re ready to help you find your next Superstar.

Success-based Staffing Fees. No cost unless you hire.
There is no obligation unless you hire one of our candidates.  We understand that hiring the right employee can be a difficult and time consuming task. In our Contingency search model; it’s free to review our resumes and interview our candidates for any of your current or future staffing needs. We only send qualified applicants and we send an individual write up for each candidate which includes their name, skills assessment, immigration requirements, availability, and salary expectations. Interview our candidates by phone, in person or both.  We will arrange initial interviews as well as help to negotiate offers for your selected candidates. We only ask that you let us do what we do best, matchmaking and let our results speak for themselves.

Industry Specialization, Experience, and Professional Matchmakers
Because we specialize in specific industries, we have extensive knowledge of the hiring requirements as well as relationships and connections with the people who work in those areas. We participate in virtual communities, as well as the more traditional recruiting channels. We have a large inventory of potential candidates that have been identified by our staffing and recruiting staff over the years. We know what they are looking for and can more quickly turn around this talent to fill your needs. Our best people also provide us with invaluable referrals and we network extensively within the industry’s we service.

We guarantee our work.
Ever have a new hire employee not work out and quit after a month or two? At Bridgenex we stand behind our work. We want you to hire from us with confidence, we nurture our relationships with candidates and clients gaining loyalty with the intention of creating long-term matches which is why we offer a 90 day guarantee.

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Bridgenex is a national recruiting firm that connects Client companies with top tier professional candidates nationwide.

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