Interview Preparation Tips

Know your strengths, weaknesses, and accomplishments. An interview is not a time to “wing it.” Prepare as much as you would for a presentation to the Board of Directors of your company.
Research the Company, Find out as much about the company as you can through annual reports, newspapers, and internet. Your effort will be evident and immediately brand you as pro-active, hardworking and astute.

Show you are Attentive and Engaged

The most effective interviews are those where an active, two-way, conversation prevails.
Make sure to be moderately Enthusiastic, Stay alert during the interview, Maintain good eye contact, Sit forward in your chair, Be animated, and Show high interest level

Present your best professional you

First impressions, positive or negative, dramatically affect the ultimate evaluation. You can make or break an interview in the first five minutes.
Be personable, Wear appropriate professional attire as it shows awareness and respect for the employer’s environment. Minimize makeup, fragrance, and jewelry.

Give examples of your value add

Be able to discuss specific accomplishments that demonstrate a pro-active attitude. Give examples.. have you lead a project? went above and beyond what was asked? saved money? Describe in detail how these were accomplished.

Know Your Strength

Be prepared to discuss your two or three main attributes for upto two minutes each, in detail and with examples. These could be the ultimate reason you get the job over someone else.

Be mindful in your Responses

Communication is the key to successful interviewing. A minimum of one or two minutes of well-prepared discussion provides insight into your intellect, and supports your contentions. Try not to provide overly short or long answers.

Show Appreciation

People like to be appreciated. Always thank people for their time and consideration when you are wraping up the interview.