About Us

Founded in 2005; Bridgenex is a full service staffing firm which provides services including professional search, temporary personnel placement, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, and Consulting. Bridgenex is privately held and headquartered in San Jose, California in the heart of the Silicon Valley.

Our innovative, team-based approach to recruiting delivers unparalleled results for hiring managers with perm and contract tech hiring needs. As well as Start-ups with a need for dedicated Recruiting support.

We specialize in filling hard-to-fill technical roles and help our clients overcome all of the typical recruitment obstacles: sparse candidate supply, emerging tech skill sets, difficult geographies, urgent timeframes, and unique profile requirements. Our clients range from small tech startups to the Fortune 1000 in a variety of industries. Our recruiting and sourcing teams specialize in technology and spend considerable time developing the competency to target well qualified candidates. That means that we speak your language and have immediate access to deep pools of candidates in your market.



Our recruiters, sourcers and managers work side-by-side in each of our local markets as members of specialized recruitment team. Segmenting our teams by technology helps our staff develop a more in-depth understanding of the technology needs of our clients, the market and the competitive landscape.


Bridgenex is dedicated to taking an active role in enriching the communities in which we live and work. Each year we support a diverse group of non-profit organizations and University programs to help expand their reach and impact. We make a concerted effort to support efforts to give back through a variety of company-sponsored activities.