1099-Screening Validation Process
  • Client manager submits manager questionnaire to Bridgnex 1099-screening validation specialist
  • Bridgenex 1099-screening validation specialists emails potential independent contractor
    • Email contains
      • Client 1099-Screening Validation Application
        Client specific requirements and/or documents
  • Independent contractor completes and returns the 1099-screening
    validation application with required supporting documents
  • Recommendation is made to the client
Sample Questions Contained On The 1099-Screening Validation Application

(Note: This list does not contain all of the questions asked, additionally, the client may request specific information/documentation that is not included)

  • Business entity type (e.g. corporation, LLC, LLP, partnership, sole
  • Client list (3 clients that you or your firm has provided services to
    within the last 2 years [not including the current client])
  • Gross annual business income
  • Percentage of income that will be from the client
  • Percentage of time that will be spent on-site at the client site or client designated site
  • Questions about the project/relationship with the client:
    • Will the client direct you or your employees work?
      Will the client set you or your employees working hours?
      Will the client determine how the work will be completed?

All contractors/vendors will be verified in order to meet the minimum government regulations. Please Contact Us for more information.