Managing your contract workforce is a big job. That's why Bridgenex has a complete offering of workforce management solutions to help your organization utilize your contract workforce to its full potential - to be productive, efficient and accounted for.

Our workforce management solutions are designed to help you better plan, source, evaluate, recruit, hire, manage, measure, and retain your contingent staff. You can experience a sizeable ROI immediately with our workforce management solutions.


Neutral Vendor On Premise Workforce Management

Some clients need more than traditional recruiting and staffing solutions. We offer total hands-on management as well as recruitment (if you choose). On premise personnel are on site at your business. They are thoroughly trained to handle the day-to-day administration of our employees based on the individual needs and circumstance of your company. We handle all aspects:

1. Vendor Management - We manage all Staffing Vendors, Sub-Vendors and 1099-Screening Validation Process.
2. Information Management - Information reporting, performance reviews, and more.
3. Administration - Human resources, timekeeping, benefits, consolidated invoicing and more.
4. Recruiting - Candidate identification, screening, testing, training, and more.

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