Scopes of RPO Services

The scope of services, depending upon your requirement, may include but is not limited to:

    Conducting research, candidate resume sourcing through your
       in-house database or job boards databases where you have
       subscribed to (you will provide us access to job boards/databases and        authorization to use the same for researching your requirements).

    Job postings on multiple job boards

    CV/Resume screening and matching resumes as per required skills

    Short listing of potential candidates-contact short listed candidates
       via email, know their interest about your open positions and forward
       resumes of interested candidates to your recruiters for further follow        up and interview

    Continuously build candidate pipeline as per your requirements

    Source candidate resumes on the Internet - passive candidates

    Inputting the required data into spreadsheets and/or databases

    Any other recruiting related tasks

    Corporate intelligence research

    Database maintenance

    Skills testing

    Research and monitoring open positions of other companies on their
       websites or job boards to help you analyze market trends and
       the recruiting market.