resume tips

What is a Resume?
A resume is a one or two page summary of your skills, experience, accomplishments, and education. Your resume’s purpose is to get your foot in the door. The main reason you should have a resume is simple – most employers request one.

Remember, your resume is the tool you use to capture an interview, so sell your skills & yourself!

How to Prepare an Effective Resume:


Name, Address, Telephone, and email address:

Complete contact information at the top of your resume.
Do not use nicknames
Use a permanent mailing address.
Use a permanent telephone number and include the area code.
If you have an answering machine, record a neutral greeting.
Add additional phone numbers, such as cell phone and/or pagers.
Always include your e-mail address

Objective or Summary

An objective tells potential employers the type of work you are interested in
Be specific about the job you want
Tailor your objective to each job you are targeting

Work Experience:

Use action words to describe your job duties
Experience should be written in reverse chronological order; most recent job first
Make Sure to include:
Title of Position
Name of company
Location of work (state)
Dates of employment
Describe your work responsibilities, specific skills and achievements.


Never list your education first
List your most recent educational experience; then previous ones
Include your(B.A., B.S.), major, institution, minor/concentration
Mention any academic honors if applicable


Give others a heads-up before you put them down as a reference
Make a note: "References available upon request"