business services

Technical Staffing & Recruiting
Bridgenex can fulfill your technical staffing needs, we partner closely with your staff to deliver the permanent or temporary help you need...


Payroll, Contingent Workforce Management
Bridgenex delivers a full range of services to manage issues related to the procurement, selection, engagement and tracking of contingent (non-employee) workers including: consultants, temps, 1099 contractors and freelancers...


Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Bridgenex can manage portions of your organization's recruitment process, or can oversee the entire staffing operation. Our RPO solution eliminates the challenge of being under resourced by assuming ownership of the process as needed...

our customer service

Success and long-term business relationships are built on a foundation of trust. At Bridgenex we take pride in our ability to deliver our clients and consultants an exceptionally high level of customer service with integrity and a vested interest in delivering them a positive experience.

We work closely with our contractors and our clients' HR staff, hiring managers, and executive staff to insure we understand the dynamics that surround each and every unique situation so we can deliver the appropriate solution.