General Contractor Overview

Things you should know as a Bridgenex Consultant:

Our services are free to all W2 consultants. A 1% - 3% fee may be
    charged to 1099 consultants.

You must be legal to work in the US, ie: US Citizen, Green Card, or an
    EAD card.

Once you, the consultant are placed on an assignment, you are
    required to complete all paperwork before your given start date. You
    can access all necessary forms through our Payroll Portal. An account
    login and password will be given to you by a Bridgenex Associate.

Time Card Submissions: All time cards must be completed online
    through our: Payroll Portal; Please login and fill-out and complete your
    timecard every Friday; Once completed your manager or supervisor
    will review and approve the time card. If you have any questions please
    contact Approved Time sheets must be
    received by 11:00 am(PST) on the following Monday
    guarantee timely check processing.

Consultants are paid every Friday, unless Friday is a holiday, in which
    case payday will be the following working business day. Checks can be
    mailed to your home, direct deposited into your bank account, or
    picked up at the office (prior arrangements must be made).

If you elect to participate in our health plan, Bridgenex offers a benefits
    plan that is tailored to our contingent temporary workforce with low
    individual premium cost on health benefits provided through
   Essential StaffCare

Benefits of being a Bridgenex Contractor:

Working with a staffing firm allows a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility.

An opportunity to broaden your experience and skills.

Typically a higher hourly rate than regular full-time employees.

Opportunity to "test-drive" a position before being hired on a direct