Available Components of the Bridgenex RPO Solution

    On-Site Staffing Professional Support - Dedicated Account manager
       working full time for 40 hours per week, or part-time account
       manager working as low as 20 hours per week.

    Multi-Channel Sourcing Strategy Development and Execution

    Direct Recruiting Services

    Vendor Management for Advertising, Employment and Temporary
       Agency Providers

    Administrative Process Support

    Account Managers receive on-going technical training to continually
       develop their understanding of your company's core technology.

    Talent Management/Applicant Tracking System

    Behavioral and Trait-Based Pre-Employment Assessment

    Skills-Based Pre-Employment Assessment

    Employee Engagement Measurement and Retention Consulting

    Full Reporting Package and ROI Measurement

    30 minute live briefing on position, company and ideal candidate

    24 hour turnaround on every key step in the recruitment process