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Bridgenex Quality  Policy


Human capital is your company's most critical asset. Naturally the acquisition of this talent plays a major role in the success of your company. Whether it's employees or professional consultants, it's good people that will foster the foundation of a good company. For more than 10 years Bridgenex has been helping companies achieve their human capital goals. With knowledge and experience in contingent workforce management, payroll, staffing, and HR we can help you achieve your goals.


Technical Staffing
Bridgenex can fulfill your technical staffing needs through the placement of on-site contract technical personnel, permanent personnel, or temp-to-hire in technical fields including IC design engineering, system engineering, hardware design & test, software design & test, EDA design, technical publications, technical marketing, application engineering, along with many other technical disciplines.


Contingent Workforce Management & Payroll
Bridgenex delivers a full range of services to manage issues related to the procurement, selection, engagement and tracking of contingent (non-employee) workers; i.e. independent contractors, 1099 workers, consultants, temps and freelancers.